Vision Statement


More than 1.3 billion inhabitants, 23 official languages, and the only way for the economy is up. India is exciting, and one of the world’s most dynamic emerging markets. Today an important hub for manufacturers and service providers alike. Tomorrow the driving force, not only in Southeast Asia, but also worldwide.

What’s your name? It’s a good start when an Indian businessman asks you this question. Because, this is when networking begins. In India, preferably in person, face to face. This is when contacts develop quickly into relationships. As they do at one of our 14 events – including such leading trade fairs as Medical Fair India, wire India and Tube India, METEC India and more. But we don’t just handle medical technologies, cables and tubes.

We are service oriented. We want to see good economic relations. These can arise if our trade fairs help ensure that an upward trajectory is maintained – both in terms of the economy as a whole and the job market. We want to see good interpersonal relationships. When the chemistry is right, interest among exhibitors and visitors from this “mega-republic” will extend towards other international events run by the Messe Düsseldorf Group.

Growing together – that is our aim. Or, in the words of our Indian business partners: “It will work nicely!”